More Oriental Rug Notes by Barry O'Connell
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Rugs and Textiles

Miri Creations in Shoto Museum of Art in Tokyo-Japan

A pair of Saber Carpets

The best rugs in the world today are from Iran. If we are to make a short list of the best rugs from Iran we must include Saber of Mashad. My dear friend Dr. Khosrow Sobhe of Beverly Hills has acquired a matched pair of room size Saber carpets and he has been willing to share with us.

Some Articles

Sun-Fading & Oriental Rugs

The Keshishian's

A Savier Search for a Magic Carpet Michelle put me in the New York Times twice. What a nice person.

Rug renewal w/Wendel R. Swan This article was published all over the country in a number of papers.

ACOR 3, Santa Monica Ca. 1/96

ACOR 3 Program

So Close and Yet ... : A Yastik Adventure by R. John Howe

Myrna Bloom at ICOC 8 in Philadelphia

Tadjik Embroidery early 20th century From Tom Cole Good old Tom Cole. I bought some exceptional pieces from him over the years.

Flowers Underfoot: Metropolitan’s Mughal Exhibition here is a nice little article from Julia Bailey . She is a person who understands and loves Islamic Art. (Very rare in her field.)

The Pazaryk Carpet

Joseph McMullan on the Pazaryk Carpet Joseph V, McMullan was an incredible intellect. He makes a very unusual point about the origin of the Pazaryk.

ICOC 7 1993 Hamburg/Berlin

The Mini Khani Pattern

Mughal Carpet Footnotes:

These are early work of mine that I wrote that originally were footnotes to a monograph I wrote on Mughal carpets.

Considerations of Form and Function in Mughal Carpet Attributions.

Nagel Rugs & Carpets May 18th 2004

Tadjik Embroidery early 20th century From Tom Cole

Good old Tom Cole. I bought some exceptional pieces from him over the years.

Rippon Boswell Auction of the Schuster Collection

Sunday 17 April 2005
Inspection 14.00 - 15.00 Auction at 15.30
Location: Hotel Baur au Lac Zürich

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Resht Embroidery Lot 609

Sotheby's December 04 Carpet Sale

Resht Embroidery Lot 609

An Ottoman Silk embroidered Quilt Cover (Yorgan Yuzu) Panel

A Greek Island embroidered Mihrab Panel

A Banya Luka Applique Mihrab Panel from Sotheby's

I will be touring the Sotheby's Preview on Saturday Dec. 11th with family and friends. If you want to tour with us let me know. The plan so far is lunch about noon and the Preview immediately afterwards.

New Article - Sun-Fading & Oriental Rugs

New Section Notes on Ottoman Textiles

Notes on Resht Textiles

Carpet Industry in the largest Province of Iran, Khorasan, & its center, Mashad

Short Shafaghi Video File

** Warning has sound if you are opening this at work **

Sobhe Opens Office and Showroom in Los Angeles

More Oriental Rug Notes by Barry O'Connell