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Antique Qashqai Rugs

Here is a new Qashquli Qashqai Runner. These are going away as the weavers switch to producing Gabbehs. Qashqai rugs are becoming a thing of the past.

See my Look at the the Koohi tireh is of the “Shish Bayli” Qashqai

I explore the origins of the Qashqai tribe in my Guide to the Qashqai Kelim. It is pretty good work and I do not have much to say besides what I say there.

So why have a Guide to Qashqai rugs? Well I have to put the pictures and links some place. I do not want the Kelim page to be too cluttered. Maybe as I go along I will think of something profound to say. In the mean time you can also look at my old guide Guide to Qashqai Rugs on SpongoBongo.com.

I added a few new pages into my notes:

Qashqai Bagface, Southwest Persia, early 20th

Qashqai Rug Southwest Persia, early 20th Lot 131

Qashqai Millefleurs Rug, early 20th Lot 133

Qashqai Rug, last quarter 19th Lot 148

Qashqai Rug, last quarter 19th Lot 149

Qashqai Rug, with Birds Lot 150

Qashqai bagface early 20th Lot 204

Qashqai Corridor Carpet 2nd half 19th Lot 210

Persian Rugs: Guide to Qashqai Rugs

The Engelhardt Qashqai Rug 2nd Half 19th C Fars Province Lot 82

Animal Garden Qashqai Rug late 19th c Fars Province Lot 37

The Qashqai

Gabbeh Rugs are a very significant part of the Qashqai rug production. Why? Because that is what people are buying.

Guide To Gabbeh Rugs - the Wool, the Yarn, the Dyes

Guide To Gabbeh Rugs - the Weavers

Qashqai Bag 19th C Fars Province Lot 119

Takht e Jamshid Fars province

Takht-e Jamshid

Persepolis in is the Qashqai tribal areas. The site has influenced Qashqai rugs over the years. Once the seat of the Persian empire Persepolis was first sacked by the Greeks. It was looted many times through history.

A historic ruin in Firuzabad, south of Shiraz, southwestern Iran

Tomb of Cyrus the Great Pasargad, Fars province.jpg

The pillars of Persepolis

Special Wedding Guests Eghlid town Fars province Photo by Hasan Ghafari

Many people assume these domed felt chats are an ancient afectation of the Qashqai men. Actually the hat was adopted in the mid twentieth century as a sybol of protest against the cruel oppresion of the Pahlavi Shahs.


Qashqai Millefluers Prayer Rug

Qashqai Prayer Rugs

The Qashqai are not prolific weavers of prayer rugs but they did make interesting rugs inspired by the Mughal Millefluers prayer rugs. See my Guide to Qashqai Rugs

Gabbeh Rugs

Not that many years abou Gabbeh rugs were woven by Qashqai woman for their own use. Now many Qashqai woman now weave Gaggeh rugs instead of the more traditional Qashqai rugs.

Guide To Gabbeh Rugs - the Wool, the Yarn, the Dyes

Guide To Gabbeh Rugs - the Weavers

A local woman weaving Gabbeh in Gonaveh, Bushehr province (Photo by Effat Hosseini. Iran Daily) The Gheshlagh or winter camp has expanded since the revolution that Qashqai now winter in the Gonaveh area.


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