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Guide To Lylyan Rugs

Lylyan, Lilihan, Lilian,

Lylyan was formerly the collection point for Armenian single wefted rugs made in the vicinity of Khomeine. The old name for this area was the Kemereh district. In the trade these rugs are called Lylyan and were primarily sold in the US. They were less well known in Europe. Other major producers in the region include Khomeine and Reihan. The rugs are in the Hamadan weave and use the Symetrical knot.

In 1942 the Soviet Union opened free immigration to present day Armenia. Within a very short period of time the Armenian villages emptied out as people began to return to Armenia.

The Lilihan area produces a wide range of sizes from Mats to large room size carpets. In my parents home they had a magnificent Lilihan that was about 24 feet long. The rugs tend to be similar to Sarouk carpets. in color style and thickness. Lylyan tend to have longer pile which was attractive to the American Market. Some of the old ones from before W.W.II were painted as were Sarouk rugs I do not see them around very often anymore.

Lylyan Rugs use the Hamadan Rug Weave

Single weft is called "Sennah Baft" or Hamadan weave. Here the wefts are rigid and the warps are sinuous. As you can see in the sketch the wefts are heavier than the warps. It is woven with symmetrical knots. Since there is only one shot of weft between each row of knots this shows every other warp which makes these rugs easy to spot.


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