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Persian Rugs: Guide to Kurdish Rugs and Carpets

Kurdish Rugs are rugs woven by Kurds. This may sound obvious but some internet characters have cooked up a cockamamie theory that seeks to redefine Kurdish rugs to the limits of their inventory/collections. These rascals would have you believe that Kolyai Kurds weave non-Kurdish rugs or that Kurds of the Garusi/Bijari group may not weave traditional Kurdish rugs. I have been involved with a project to determine the proper Kurdish groupings based on language and dialect. I think the advocates of this strange way of looking at Kurdish rugs need to understand that what they call Kurdish takes in a wide range of people in four separate but related language group (Central Kurdish, Northern Kurdish, Laki, Southern Kurdish). To ignore the mass of data on the Kurdish people while one seeks to define the rugs on the basis of ones taste or inventory/collection seems, to this writer, arbitrary, capricious, and disingenuous.

From Ambasador Eagleton:

"In addition to these well-known Iranian Kurdish rugs, there is a wide variety of other Kurdish tribal weavings, from the far north down the mountains to Kermanshah. Near Kermanshah the small pile bags of the Jaf and Sanjabi tribes dominate." Kurdish Carpet and Kelim

Kolyai/Sonqur Rugs

Kolyai Songhor Gallery Rug Kermanshah Province C 1920

Guide to Kolyai/Sonqur Rugs

Hartushi Rug with "Caucasian" turtle, c. 1930 Illustration 3. Hartushi Rug with "Caucasian" turtle, c. 1930
  • Technical Analysis
    Warp: white, black, brown goat hair, and mohair
    Weft: Tan wool, three shoots
    Knot: 4x5
    Colors: RED, blue, blue-green, purple, orange, white Size: 104"x49"
    Edge: w - 3 blue selvages
    Ends: 4" plaits to 1" crossbraid

Notes on Ambassador Bill & Kay Eagleton


Kurd Bagface late 19th C Lot 85

Kurd Bag Western Iran C 1900 Lot 204

Kurd Bagface Azarbayjan-e-Gharbi Province late 19th/early 20th C Lot 284

Kurd Long Rug Azarbayjan-e Gharbi early 20th C Lot 185

Kordi Ballischt Khorassan Province C 1930 Lot 206

Kurd Rug Turkey late 19th/early 20th C Lot 15

Kurd Soumak Bagface late 19th C Lot 86

Kurd Bagface Azarbayjan-e-Gharbi Province early 20th C Lot 282

Hakkari Kurd Rug East Turkey circa 1800

The Edward Stott flatwoven Kurd Bag late 19th Century

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