More Oriental Rug Notes by Barry O'Connell

Born in the mid fifties in a Army hospital near Washington DC while my father did a tour at the Pentagon. Second of seven children to Barry and Joan O'Connell. To those of you from Scranton yes I am that Barry O'Connell and yes those were my stuffed animals in the window. It amazes me that people noticed and even more so that so many still remember.

School was unremarkable for me. Actually considering that I cannot write I did rather well. Fortunately I can type and the advent of the computer opened doors for me. Yes I was an elected member of Pa. Republican State Committee and served in a number of party and campaign positions. I am no longer a Republican. I am Christian Conservative Democrat and I stand well to the right of most Republicans on most issues. I developed a hobby of meddling in foreign affairs and did so in Nicaragua and Afghanistan.

Lately I have been consulting to a wide range of Customers, mostly Government and Fortune 500 companies. A partial list includes US Department of State, The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, DOJ, World Bank, Marriott, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sallie Mae, and others.

The Good Lord has blessed me with three children and a wonderful wife Jodi.

Maxwell Taylor is named after the general. Max is a kind and gentle boy with an amazing ability for sports. With intense focus he is a standout first baseman and soccer goalie. Now he is doing well at basketball.
Michael "Mickey" Collins is named after the Irish Freedom Fighter, the father of modern terrorism and the Irish Republican Army General Michael Collins.

Mickey age 5 standing with his brother Monty about 18 months in the stroller at one of Max's soccer games fall 2003.

Montgomery Boice is named after the the late Presbyterian Churchman James Montgomery Boice, Pastor of 10th Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia.

By the way we are not Presbyterian we are Lutheran. I take the Bible as the inspired innerrant word of God. That it is the only normative means of Grace in this age, the only source of absolute truth and my source of authority in all that I seek to do. Yet for all my love of God and my desire to serve him I am a very sinful man. I am sure that is no surprise to my long time readers.

From the pool to the race car and back the boys love Summer at my brother Ben's farm.

A Savier Search for a Magic Carpet

More Oriental Rug Notes by Barry O'Connell