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Antique Alcaraz Rug 16th C 3288 from Nazmiyal

    Antique Alcaraz Rug

Antique 16th Century Alcaraz Oriental Rug 3288
Style:    Alcaraz
Origin:    Spain
Size:    5. ft x 10 ft 02 in (1.52 m x 3.10 m)

Antique Alcaraz long rug from Spain, second half of the sixteenth century A grand pattern of staggered palmettes and acanthus vines in deep sage green spreads majestically across the rich butterscotch ground of splendid Alcaraz. After 1500 the carpet workshops of Spain turned away from their Oriental origins and developed a new European ornamental vocabulary of medieval and classical derivation, which this rug so beautifully exemplifies. The dynamic leafy S-scrolls of the border with their dragon heads provide a contrast to the expansive palmettes of the field, while still utilizing the same contrasting green and butterscotch tones.
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